8th of July.

Last year on the 8th of july , we axiously found out that The baby who was growing so big and strong inside of me was a baby soon to be known as Liam King. If you would of asked me on that day what i was feeling I'm sure it was a tug and pull at my heart strings.  A BOY! whoa. I liked the idea of having a girl.. but as soon as those words came out into that room of suspense, that idea faded away, quickly. I was having a boy. A little man who resembles the only real love I've ever had for a man.. his father. We are having a son. Those were my thoughts.

Lam, I am so glad those three letters were b.o.y. I knew i would love you before you arrived, but i wasn't prepared for you to steal my heart the way you have. i hope you grow to be a "Mummuh's boy," because i cannot get enough of you. i love you so much, it hurts.

xoxo- Mummuh bee.


  1. Omg I so remember the initial ultra sound. I so so knew he was a boy and the damn lady said she couldn't tell. What a b***h lol. Then I remember when we went on the 8th and when they said it was a boy your eyes were filled with tears of joy as you told your family. I am so happy that Dre the kids and myself were able to be there w u and djj while you guys got that aweso,e news. A girl would of been awesome for Taby but I've come to realize that boys r just as cool lo. Your next journey wil be that little girl and I hope when u guys find out that we are with u once again I love u si

    1. I am so glad you guys were apart of that day! you knew i was having a boy. & yes that lady was an absolute b***H at the first ultrasound! thank goodness for oracle in progress! i still have the video! aw great memories. i knew deep deep down i was having liam i just had my eyes set on a girl, now i wouldn't change one thing! love you sister.