The Scattered Me:

Now for a brief introduction of myself and a few things i love... grocery store TRAVELING. The Human experience. getting lost by foot. new unexplored places. enlightening uplifting intriguing PEOPLE. luscious fruits, SMORES, feather pillows, learning, exploring, photography, acting, music SADE!-- structured chaos, huge cities, foreign situations, languages-- so incredible, dancing! playing dress-up. MY MOMMY!! costume parties. really seeing people. lips. REALLY high heels. saint Bernard puppies. unexpected friendships. Memories of my pregnancy! fate convincing connections. the way things bizarrely turn out sometimes. LIAM KING in 10 years, moments when you realize peace IS possible. accents, being spunky and weird. white sheets. laughing vociferously. green eyes. people watching. mustach√©s, MY 3 best friends, butter pecan ice cream. My brother who will hopefully never grow out of calling me lele. holding hands. body warmth. diminutive mysterious little hints that we are alive. big cities. forests. small towns hiding many dark secrets. the wonders of nature.iced orange juice. the tiny rare moments when you've realized that two souls have just danced-- where layers of minds have crisscrossed and joined together. pinapple Stir fry. MY VERY ECLECTIC MIX OF FRIENDS. Sushi. the birth of my beautiful son. Big hair. or laser tag. Boardgames! old movies movies. 1950's. sunsets... and better yet sunrises- ensuring we've made it another day. MEMORIES. True Individuals. speaking out. standing up. My favorite girls, the Four T's! the thought of working out. Eva Mendes, imaginations. DREAMS--it is somewhat sad- but some of the most exotic crazy far out colorful mind blowing experiences I've ever had occurred in my dreams... is there really any difference? they all become memories- images your eyes see, and mind interacts with. believing in things.. I enjoy daily ..fantastically scattered conversations with him...........


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