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Enjoy my journey through my iPhone photos:

Liam explores the base pool

Mummuh's hat.

enjoying the perfect weather 

8th of July.

Last year on the 8th of july , we axiously found out that The baby who was growing so big and strong inside of me was a baby soon to be known as Liam King. If you would of asked me on that day what i was feeling I'm sure it was a tug and pull at my heart strings.  A BOY! whoa. I liked the idea of having a girl.. but as soon as those words came out into that room of suspense, that idea faded away, quickly. I was having a boy. A little man who resembles the only real love I've ever had for a man.. his father. We are having a son. Those were my thoughts.

Lam, I am so glad those three letters were b.o.y. I knew i would love you before you arrived, but i wasn't prepared for you to steal my heart the way you have. i hope you grow to be a "Mummuh's boy," because i cannot get enough of you. i love you so much, it hurts.

xoxo- Mummuh bee.

sim·plic·i·ty [sim-plis-i-tee] noun, plural.

Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.
Be happy. Show emotion. Laugh out loud. Keep Secrets. Smell good. Take advice. Give advice. Drink wine. Watch Porn. Wear perfume. Make peace. Take pictures. Wear your seatbelt. Always Say cheese. Be brave. Cry every time during the Notebook. Make friends. Hug someone. Always eat desert. Say I love you everyday. Mean it. Take Naps. Write your name in cursive. Swallow, your pride. Run yellow lights. Pray. Buy fruit. Say what you feel. Always read the back of the card. Learn chess. Be overdressed. Make jello. Who cares, dance. Don't wear white to a wedding, unless told to do so. Use your middle finger. Wear mascara. Argue. Tell a really horrible joke. ApologizeThink big. 

“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”


Everyone has an opinion about breastfeeding:

  1. Take your own advice, You know whats best.. not them! 
  2. Be prepared that everyone will have an opinion about the boob, you are going to hear opinions from people who don't even have children. 
  3. If breastfeeding your baby for more than a year is what you want to do, than do it! Don't listen to the slick remarks people make! 
  4. People will never know how hard it is to wean your baby off of the boob, it is a process. 
  5. Last but not least, make your own deadline for breast feeding. If you don't make it.. So what.. whatever is best for you and your baby is what matters

Love as always,


The Nellis AFB stroller bandit

A few days ago as my husband & I laid down in bed.. I turned to him and said did you bring in the stroller from outside lately, I haven't seen it outside!? He said you know what.. I don't remember seeing it lately either.. He jumped up, took a look outside and it was gone! I was furious!!! 

Over the weekend the husband checked on Craigslist to see if they were stupid enough to try and sell the stolen stroller.. And to our surprise.. There it was.. Selling for a whopping 60bucks.. OBO! What a fucking idiot! I wonder if he's dumb enough to put another stolen stroller right after that post... Ohhh there's even more! Two other stolen strollers posted by the same person, moments after posting ours.. So my husband emailed that person but got no response.

The next day, I went with my printed out evidence of the stolen strollers to the investigators at security forces and filed a report.. As I got home the wife was stupid enough to post another AD on BooKoo (a community yard sale website) her profile was named PEREZSWIFE.. Hahaha gotcha bitch! Last name, Perez! My husband grabbed the keys and drove up and down the streets to find a Perez. For those of you who are not familiar with military life.. Living on base housing your last name is on your house... They lived two streets over! 

So now we know where they live! The investigator Brent Bott called me and told me to fwd them the BooKoo link.. which I did immediately. When the husband returned home he looked on BooKoo again, to our surprise, he found a phone number on another post of PEREZSWIFE! Gotcha bitch! Again! I also fwd that to Mr. Bott! Moments later, the husband text this person to meet up and see if our black Graco signature jogger stroller was still in their presence.. Without  being suspicious it was hard to leniently talk about the stroller.. In that instance, Mr Bott called me back and told me he  set up a sting operation, went over there to see if our stroller was still in their possession. So he acted like a father with a pregnant wife needing a stroller..  He saw other strollers but not ours. Mr Bott told me now it's a waiting game.. He will get information from the Craigslist people (emails) and see who it was sold to and who sold it! So now we must wait.. 

At this point I just want this person in trouble.. I want them to be kicked out of base housing.. It's not fair to all these military families who work hard and make the same pay stealing from one another... We should be a pact.. Like a wolf pact. 

If my stroller ends up not getting back into our possession, but legal actions are taken, I will be happy with that. I have learned my lesson , don't leave stuff outside, because no matter where you live or how safe somewhere feels.. Greedy, selfless people exist everywhere! 


The scattered me.

Now for a brief introduction of myself and a few things i love... grocery store TRAVELING. The Human experience. getting lost by foot. new unexplored places. enlightening uplifting intriguing PEOPLE. luscious fruits, SMORES, feather pillows, learning, exploring, photography, acting, music SADE!-- structured chaos, huge cities, foreign situations, languages-- so incredible, dancing! playing dress-up. MY MOMMY!! costume parties. really seeing people. lips. REALLY high heels. saint Bernard puppies. unexpected friendships. Memories of my pregnancy! fate convincing connections. the way things bizarrely turn out sometimes. LIAM KING in 10 years, moments when you realize peace IS possible. accents, being spunky and weird. white sheets. laughing vociferously. green eyes. people watching. mustach├ęs, MY 3 best friends, butter pecan ice cream. My brother who will hopefully never grow out of calling me lele. holding hands. body warmth. diminutive mysterious little hints that we are alive. big cities. forests. small towns hiding many dark secrets. the wonders of nature. iced orange juice. the tiny rare moments when you've realized that two souls have just danced-- where layers of minds have crisscrossed and joined together. pinapple Stir fry. MY VERY ECLECTIC MIX OF FRIENDS. Sushi. the birth of my beautiful son. Big hair. or laser tag. Boardgames! old movies movies. 1950's. sunsets... and better yet sunrises- ensuring we've made it another day. MEMORIES. True Individuals. speaking out. standing up. My favorite girls, the Four T's! the thought of working out. Eva Mendes, imaginations. DREAMS--it is somewhat sad- but some of the most exotic crazy far out colorful mind blowing experiences I've ever had occurred in my dreams... is there really any difference? they all become memories- images your eyes see, and mind interacts with. believing in things.. I enjoy daily ..fantastically scattered conversations with him...........

Enjoy this blogging journey with me.. Shall we.

Forever Bee.