Everyone has an opinion about breastfeeding:

  1. Take your own advice, You know whats best.. not them! 
  2. Be prepared that everyone will have an opinion about the boob, you are going to hear opinions from people who don't even have children. 
  3. If breastfeeding your baby for more than a year is what you want to do, than do it! Don't listen to the slick remarks people make! 
  4. People will never know how hard it is to wean your baby off of the boob, it is a process. 
  5. Last but not least, make your own deadline for breast feeding. If you don't make it.. So what.. whatever is best for you and your baby is what matters

Love as always,



  1. Mom, Get your boob out of my face!!! Love, Liam. Jk. Love You. This is VERY true, Breatfeeding is souly about you & what you do. Kudos to the mommies with the Aersome milk supplies and kudos to the mommies who lasted as long as they could! You are all AmaZing Mommies!!

  2. Amen girl. I am a breastfeeding supporter, but I have no qualms with moms who can't, or don't want to. As long as you are feeding your baby, that's the most important thing!

  3. I am a a breast feeding mom I hate doing it but I do for my preemie babys because they need all the extra calories they can have. I went to a breast feeding support group on Tuesday and was told I have enough supply for the neighborhood then was asked would I donate my milk.... Um sry its bad enough I hate doing it cuz my boobs hurt you think I wanna pump out xtra for someone elses kids lol... Sry got off subject. Milas mommy my goal is 2 months but my poor peanut needs it a lil longer but I want a drink lol.... If Liam wants your boobs till hes 5 w frosted flakes then you go girl. Thre really isnt no time limit because we say oh we will stop at x amount of months but like you said its hard to ween the babies off. I believe they will stop when they are ready. Now if this post was about a damn pacifier I'd say hell no take that shit away asap. Dre has a paci and I'm ready to get done w it when we lose it hes hit.... K sry for going on and on love u